George Rickey Sculptures

2 rectangles Two Rectangles Vertical Gyratory II, Variation IV - 1979
PNC Center, East Fifth Street
Cincinnati, OH

another view
and another

University of Toronto, Oakland Garden
Breaking Column - 1988
The Contemporary Museum
gift of The Honolulu Advertiser at Persis Corporation
Honolulu, HI
George Rickey, Space Churn Red, Painted and polished steel 1/3, 1968

Space Churn Red, 1968
Stamford University Cantor Arts Center


Three Lines - 1964
DeCordova Museum and Scuplture Park
Lincoln, MA
Double L Excentric Gyratory - 1982
Peninsula Open Space Trust
Menlo Park, CA
Annular Ellipse Annular Ellipse Variation V, 2000
Park Avenue Mall
between 61st and 62nd Streets, Manhattan
(Don't bother looking for's gone now)

Double L Eccentric Gyratory II, - 1981
Georgia Southern University

Four Open Squares Horizontal Gyratory--Tapered - 1984
Meijer Sculpture Park
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Double L Eccentric Gyratory 11
Pepsico Sculpture Garden
Purchase, NY
Cluster of Four Cubes - 1992
National Gallery of Art
Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC
Excentric by Rickey

Six Random Lines Excentric
Hassan Quad (on the original  Chrinitoid site)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

Five Open Squares Gyratory Gyratory - 1981
Storm King Art Center
Old Pleasant Hill Road, Mountainville, NY 


  • Six Lines in a T, 1966-79
  • Two Planes Vertical-Horizontal II, 1970
Two Lines Oblique - 1969
The White House, Washington, DC
On loan from High Museum of Art
Atlanta, Georgia

Portrait of a Lady - 1958
Maxwell Davidson Gallery
724 Fifth Avenue 4th Floor
New York, NY


Twenty-four Lines - 1967-1969
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Three Red Lines - 1966
The Hirshhorn Sculpture Gardens
Washington, DC


Column V - 1965
Detroit Institute of Art
Horizontal Column of Five Squares Excentric II - 1994
The Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum
San Antonio, Texas
Peristyle II, Var. II Peristyle II, Var. II - 1966
Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis
One Up One Down Excentric with Acute Angle IV One Up One Down Excentric with Acute Angle IV - 1983
Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis

Rickey-sculpture unknown
Lakeview Museum, Peoria, IL
George W. Rickey. Space Churn With Spheres, Variation III. Space Churn With Spheres, Variation III  - 1972 
Levi Sculpture Garden
Baltimore Museum of Art, MD
Triple L Excentric Gyratory III - 1980
National City Bank Building
1900 East 9th Street
Cleveland, OH

Two Lines Up Excentric Variation VI - 1977
East Gardens  - Columbus Museum of Art
480 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH
Two Lines Oblique - 1987
Myrtle Court - Dayton Art Institute
456 Belmonte Park North
Dayton, OH
George Rickey, Double L Gyratory, Auckland Art Gallery unknown
Heritage Gallery
Auckland, NZ (?)
Two Open Triangles Up, Gyratory II - 1982
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor MI
Four Lines Oblique Cyratory Square, variation IV - 1977
Two Open Triangles Up Gyratory - 1983
University of Judaism
Bel-Air, California

Four Lines Oblique, 1973
New Orleans Museum of Art, LA

Conversation, 1991
Parc de Sculptures, Musee de Grenoble

Two Lines Up Excentric - Twelve Feet, 1994
Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, New York

Crucufera IV, 1965
Charles Ireland Sculpture Garden
Birmingham Museum of Art, AL

Two Lines Oblique Down, Variation III
Wichita State University, KA

Five Lines in Parallel Planes, 1965
University of Cincinatti

Two Lines Oblique, 1971
Sand Diego Museum of Art

Four Rectangles Oblique, Bronze 1974
N Lines Horizontal-Hanging 1967
Tate Museum, London, England